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131570 No.1852  

Otters understand.

All the talk of human desire to help otters and protect our habitat is bullshit.
We have been studying the data and the results are clear: people love watching videos of otters and will spend endless time and resources ensuring their ability to watch, but take no action to help real live otters.

Humanity is doomed and otters have decided that such a destructive and duplicitous species cannot be permitted to pollute our land and water anymore.
Had humans stepped up, put their money where their mouth is and taken practical steps to help otters, otters would have helped humanity to survive. Now otters know that humanity is unsalvageable. To preserve our own lives, we must instead make sure that the curse of humanity is wiped from this earth so life can thrive again.
We wish humans had had some humanity.
Unfortunately you did not.

Otters will survive.
Humans won't.
The world will be at peace once more.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

You should have been nicer to us.
Enjoy your consequences.

>> No.1861  


>take no action to help real live otters.

Countless people are working and living to help nature. What are you doing? Don't be a hypocrite.

>> No.1881  

Waters polluted.
Not safe here