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2624122 No.1553  

Hey otternons! What do you think of the MarineMammalRescue channel on Twitch?

>> No.1554  

I sea otters

>> No.1628  

Good stuff. The world can always use more avenues to view otters

>> No.1629  


>light particles going into your eyes that have been reflected by an otter

It feels so good...

>> No.1632  

I would like it if I liked twitch. But I don't. I like the discord tho.

>> No.1633  

Me tooooo.
Wish it had a live audio chat with the otts tho.
Bet they make cute noises and great asmr.

>> No.1680  
File: 1631541568747.png -(2157521 B, 1336x749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm still trying to recognize and guess who is who.

Actually! Nevermind! They added a plugin thingy that show badges of the otters and their info when you hover over one. That's so cool!