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good photo

Have you seen this really great picture of river otters? I found it on accident while looking up reviews of the lens it was taken with and it's one of my favorites https://www.flickr.com/photos/northcoastgreg/31855845021/ :feelsgood:

Industrious Otters

Otters are really smart. Let's post some otters being clever


Ottercine: Otter Movie Night

What? A stream event where we meet and watch otters and other things together. Documentaries, short videos, whatever you like - everyone can add something!

When? On the last Sunday of every month at 8pm UTC.

Where? Here: https://cytu.be/r/ottercine

Upside down sleeping otter

Post here when visiting otterchat

Please say hello in this thread when you're visiting otterchat.


Happy World Otter Day!!!:feelsgood::feelsgood::feelsgood:

Head shapes

Let's talk about the different shapes of otters' heads. Funny thing I noticed, otters (at least some species) tend to have some kind of ridge down the middle of their heads. Does anybody know why they have this?

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whaddup!!! give me some good otter documentaries to watch! thanksieess

Only smart animals can do stupid things

Animals have to be smart to be able to do stupid things. Only intelligent animals can even come up with stupid things to do. That's why otters, raccoons, etc. are so funny, because they're intelligent. Stupid animals can only sleep, eat and do normal things which is why they're less funny. That's my theory at least. What do you think?

Otter hands

Otters have the best hands. Post some otter hands.

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Otter has a fish

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Otters with leaves on their heads

Why do otters have leaves on their heads so often?

Concealed otters

Otters are very good at hiding.

Congo clawless otter

Where did he get those weird stripes?

> Our results support the recognition of trans-Andean populations of L. longicaudis as a distinct otter species, which should be recognized as Lontra annectens.

number 14 :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:

otter propagation

In this thread we post our otter related propaganda and education material. Posters, banners, infographics, videos, etc.
Just made a simple poster which i think looks cool. Gonna post a few different versions.

Anime otters

Post some cute 2d otters.

Otterly in love

Otters are cute, but how cute aren't otters in love? ^^

Otters doing cool poses

Are there any more pics like this?

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>its real

otty hugs

So a lot of animals don't really like hugs. Are otters different? Will an otter let you hug it? Or do they only hug each other?
Post some pics of otters hugging pls.

Otters doing unsual stuff

Hi, how a thread about otters doing things they aren't seeing doing much or is unusual for them? I'll start with an acrobatic climber

The Otter Kitchen

I like fish and otters like fish. What's your favourite fish? I enjoy herring.



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Come post @ Asukichan.world


ITT Otter face close-ups

How did you get into otters?

We all have a story of how we started to love otters, right?
About three years ago I saw a pair of Asian small clawed otters getting fed at a local wldlife park, I didn't really know what otters were before that and certainly had never seen any (except in anime and a few pictures). As I saw them running around and squeaking, I already had a sense that this was the animal. Later I found out they're not only cute and funny, but actually endangered and very important for the ecosystem. So logically, I had to devote myself to this new love and become their active supporter.
What are you guys' stories? Have you had wondrous enlightening experiences? Or have you just always loved otters?

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Otters are not very sexually dimorphic at all. The males look almost identical to the females... apart from that. How can you tell if an otter is a boy or a girl by looking at it? I really want to acquire this skill.

Albino otters

They exist.

otter tongues

Post em

Otter toons & comics

Cat-Otter Alliance

We work better together.

Otters standing up

Otters can stand up. ITT post pictures of otters standing up.

Cute otters for difficult times

I need some otters to cheer me up

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hello internet!! its me salem!! salem day was this friday so hopefully you celebrated the best day ever:marine:

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Salutations!, I'm an ornithology guy but I guess otters can be cool

Learn from otters how to raise your children

We can learn a lot from otters, so do otters have any lessons to teach us about parenting? Otters offer warmth, love and comfort to their young, but they don't hesitate to play rough with them or put them through scary situations as a lesson. What do otter parents get so right that each young otter cub grows up to be an otter?

A Request

Hello Otterchat, I like your imageboard and I run an imageboard myself.
I have just reopened it with a board for animals and cute animals but it lacks any photos of Otters. :southernriver:

Could you please flood my imageboard with photos of Otters.
If you don't want to that is okay. :love:
I apologize in advance if this sort of thread isn't allowed, I couldn't find a rules list.


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Important update on 841: she's a mom now! Watch out for double surfboard stealing trouble. :surprised:

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>ooh, sandals!

hello internet!!!

some freakazoid sent me this site so yeah very cool that theres an entire site for pictures of me!! :comfy:

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Things you can do with snow:

  1. Eat it
  2. Roll in it
  3. Slide on it

Projeto Lontra Viva

Hello community, I would like to inform you that there is a conservation project in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Northeastern Brazil. Known as Project Lontra Viva. We have been active since 2011 in favor of the conservation of Lontra longicaudis. The founder and responsible for the project and research is a member of the IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group, Izabela Laurentino, with the support of UFRN and Instituto Biodiversidade (@ibio). For more information contact via IG @projetolontraviva or email: Projetolontraviva@gmail.com.:neotropical:

Sea Otter Awareness Week

September 19 to 25 is Sea Otter Awareness Week. Please be aware of sea otters.

Spotted necked otters

The spotted necked otter (Hydrictis maculicollis) lives in Africa and is more aquatic than other African otters.
I like how these guys always look angry for some reason.

Support Thread


This site may still have issues. Please be patient while I figure everything out.

Otter 841

This otter has been running from the cops ever since she got famous for stealing some surfboards. Looks like she might actually get away with it.

>The 5-year-old female otter, known officially as otter 841, has been deemed a public safety risk by state and federal wildlife officials because of her "unusually aggressive" behavior along the Santa Cruz coast. As a result, wildlife officials and Monterey Bay Aquarium staff are attempting to capture and rehome the otter to an aquarium or zoo, according to a joint news release. But support for a live-and-let-live approach is growing with each unsuccessful attempt.


Cool Otter videos

A Eurasian otter hunting in a shoal of Atlantic herring in northern Norway

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Otter chomping on his grub

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Only the best otter gifs. I'd post WebMs too, but I guess you can't do that here.

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And this one was done before I got there, but I was allowed to have it anyway. I think it is by an otter named Uno


An irrational fear of otters. Apparently, it's real.


Is it true? Can otters be scary?

Eurasian Otter range

There's some pretty weird looking things going on here.

>that ant trail through the Himalayas
>that random blob in Uzbekistan
>those giant gaps in central Asia and China
>that random spot in south India

How accurate is this map? And what's the explanation for these things?


Educational otter materials
Hi otters, as some of you might have heard at the congress, Carol Bennetto from the Otter Specialist Group launched a fantastic little website where she hosts a bunch of educational material about otters for kids and adults. However she needs some help creating new material, as well as translating and distributing the existing stuff.
Maybe we can help out and make some material of our own? I'm sure we have quite a few otters with the necessary skills here... people need to know about otters, after all.



I'm going to run a heist game with some friends of mine, wherein the player characters are all otters! I thought y'all might want to see the system, I made it up specifically for this game. The rules are very light, and it's very fluff-oriented, but I'm kind of proud of them and thought that y'all might enjoy. Or maybe if you play these games you could use it for your own games!

Global Otter Map


A world map of otter conservation activities, projects, NGOs etc. It's still in development as of now. Please try it out and tell me if it works for you or if there's any bugs.

I'd like this to be a complete and up to date overview of all our activities, so this thread is also a place to share suggestions, updates and submissions. If you have anything you'd like to see on the map please post it in this thread and I'll add it!

Construction Otter!

What is he building?

gangland disputes amongst otters

If you are not aware of the Bishan and Marina otter families from Singapore, I highly encourage you to look into it. My SO and I were searching for footage of otters being cute when we found this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75Q1qVFYJkk
learning about these two families, their way of living, and the wars they fight in entertained us both greatly. I love otters and I love otterchat.net. I hope this will pique your interest as much as it did mine. Have a good day wherever you are my otter-loving frens.

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I bet you can't name one word that rhymes with otter.

Otter Reaction Pics

Thought I should transplant this thread from /otter/. Post your best ott reaction pix here

Otters are long in space and time

Otters have existed on earth for 30 million years. 30 000 000 years, or 30 000 millenia.
That's 150 times longer than humans are known to have existed.
If you count the early otterish mammals, then that's 150 million (150 000 000) years of otters, or 750 times the human existence.

In other words, if otters had existed for 1000 years, we would have been here for about 1.3 years.

Otters are pretty long.


ITT Cute Baby Otters*!!!*

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody! Hope everyone is having a good one full of celebration, if you partake.

Otters eat bunnies

Otters don't just hunt in the water, they'll often hunt small mammals like rabbits too. It's kind of impressive that an otter was quick enough to catch a rabbit, tbh.

(Captured by Alan Kennedy in South Uist, Scotland)

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Otter news from around the globe! Will update weekly. It's keyword based so there will be a few irrelevant links, but enjoy regardless

Cuddle puddle

What's better than an otter? A whole pile of otters!

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Today I found out there are otter bugs.

>The Great diving beetle is a large and voracious predator of ponds and slow-moving waterways. Blackish-green in colour, it can be spotted coming to the surface to replenish the air supply it stores beneath its wing cases.

Sea otters on land

How often do sea otters go on land? Are they as nimble on land as their river cousins?

Old Otter message board

I found this old otter message board that lived from 1998 to the early 2000s, it's pretty interesting to click through

Looks like a board for Otters is an idea almost as old as the internet itself

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Otters are so cool, I wanna be like one. How do I learn to become otter?


Otters are wonderful friends, but sometimes... they don't get along.

Or maybe they do it for fun?

Here is some otter wrestling.

wet otts


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Every time I see an otter, I always say "otter"

Does anyone else do this?


Otters love their buckets.

Swimming otters

I love the way otters heads stick out of the water when they swim. Imagine seeing such a sight in the wild.
Otters are perfectly crafted to swim. Their eyes, ears and nose are perfectly lined up so they can keep a low profile in the water whil still being able to breathe.

Otter books

Let's have a otter book thread
What's your favourite otter-themed book?

Anons back on 8chan posted these wonderful lists of lots of nice titles.

Also it would be nice if we could get PDF uploads on here.

Otter vids

MP4 and Webm thread.

Snow otters

Otters seem to enjoy themselves the most with all that white stuff around. Post some snowy otters.

Japanese Otter keepers Doing Harm

I want to get your opinions on Japanese Asian Short Clawed Otter YouTubers such at Kotaro, Aty, Loutre etc.

Seeing these cute, carefully edited videos showing otters looking like perfect pets has me worried about the impact on the already endangered species. Whether they're in some Osaka café or at a scenic river, these videos are only encouraging more pet owners and poachers.

I don't care about how many thousands of people enjoy their videos, what matters is that wild otters are left alone.

P.S. I love the Captcha :)

Online Otter Event - An Introduction to the European Otter

Conversation Chat UK are holding a webinar about the European Otter, focussing on the history of the speices in the UK as well as its ecology and behavior.
It'll be on Sunday Feb 26th at 8pm CET, so right before our Ottercine!
There'll be lots of otter lovers attending, including hopefully some familiar faces.
Grab your tickets here (they're cheap):

Marine Otter

Marine otters are the only otter species living fully in coastal environments, apart from sea otters.

Post drawings of otters!

I love otters!

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It's an otter's rear end.

Otter physics

Let's put all otter physics debate into one thread

  • Otter (definition)
  • Otter space
  • Oddly-shaped otters
  • Otter propulsion
  • Hyperotters (n-dimensional otters)
  • Layers of otter
  • Otter stretchiness
  • The "O" factor
  • The otter paradox
  • Otter acoustics
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Why do otters kind of look like seals sometimes? Not fully so but still. By the way, do you guys think otters resemble any other animals, at least in like one otter pic from 2002 or something at least? Would be cool to know

Otter robotics

Otterbots have been used before to make close up recordings of sea otters. What other uses could otterbots have? Industry, research, espionage or military purposes perhaps? An amphibious four legged robot would seem like a very useful thing, and otters are of course the perfect template.

Here is a pretty cool example: http://edge.rit.edu/edge/P18229/public/Home

>The goal of this project is to design an amphibious robot which can mimic the movements of otters both in and out of water. The final product should be able to swim at the surface of water, walk on land, and transition between land and water. The expected result is a functional prototype with systems that can ultimately be used in other devices for military, investigation, and research purposes in the future.

RIP Bishan Mum

After a long and fulfilling life, Bishan Mum passed away peacefully last night. Otter watchers noticed her deteriorating condition in the past week, as she distanced herself from her family to spend her last days alone. Yesterday, she chose a holt as her resting place, which she never came back out. Bishan Mum will be remembered, as will Bishan Dad, who passed a few years ago. They were among the most famous and inspiring otters of our time.

(Source ottercity)

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Rare photo of a sea otter from Detroit Zoo swimming on his stomach. Which is the correct otter way to swim? Should otters swim on their backs or their fronts?

2022 Otter Oscars!

It's time folks! IOSF are handing out their special awards for otter conservation.

The award categories are:

  • Young Person (under 18)
  • Community Achievement
  • Group or Organisation
  • Research
  • Photography/Artwork (1MB minimum size please)
  • Special Award

If you know somebody you think deserves an award nominate them here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScpBO7orWl_7ncmaYtlPL8EFnd1bEYUvzy2qM-YQixiYD-LvA/viewform

And here's their website with more information and previous winners: https://otter.org/Public/News_OtterOscars.aspx

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soyjak.party says hi

otter i love otters hi live board

UK Wild Otter Trust needs help

Hey otters, the UKWOT is a wonderful charity caring for the otters in Britain, and it looks like they're in some financial trouble now. It would be great if we could help out a little by donating or adopting one of their three lovely otters. Personally I'm thinking of buying an adoption package but I haven't decided on an otter yet...
Anyways, these people do great things for otters so I hope they can get the money they need. https://ukwildottertrust.org/

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WAITER, there's an otter in my soup!

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Do otters know?

Otter careers

Let's discuss ways how to spend our lives with otters
Which path should you choose if you want to help otters the most? Working at a zoo, or in research, or as a vet, or ... ? There are a lot of possibilities.

Does anyone here have experience working in these fields? It seems they all have upsides and upsides
Working at a zoo you get to be with otters all day (and other animals)
Working in research you get to uncover groundbreaking otter knowledge
Working as a vet you get to help sick and injured otters get better

What are other ways you can work for otters?

Otters can climb trees

Did you know otters can climb trees?
What can't they do???

Giant otters

I think the giant otter is a really cool otter. It is the largest AND the loudest of all otters, and it's also the largest mustelid.

What do you think about Giant Otters?

Favorite Thing About Otters

So during the otter congress last week there was a thread where people discussed their favorite thing about otters. What's your favorite thing about otters, Otterchat? Mine is just how skilled they are. They're so agile, amazing hunters, masters of stealth, great parents. Do the talents of an otter ever cease?

Otter Congress Trip report

The time has come! Getting ready to get on the plane to Nice, I'll hopefully be there in about two hours. The weather's been a little rough today so we'll see how it goes.

15th International Otter Congress

Registration is now open!
The Congress will be held in Sospel, Alpes-Maritimes, France, from the 19th to the 23rd of September 2022.

Otter home invasion
>An otter invaded a couple's home in England and slept in their bed.


Are otters gonna be invading people's houses to sleep in our beds now? Has a new era begun?

Betty the sea otter dies at 10; cause unknown

Betty, a sea otter in the Aquarium of the Pacific, suddenly died without any known cause. She was healthy and did not show any unusual behavior prior to her death. Sea otters in captivity can normally live up to 20 years old.

What happened to Betty? Did someone do something to her? We can only speculate, but they are planning an investigation in the coming days.

Otter spotter

Went for a spot of otter spotting today. Anyone here ever try this?
Otters are very elusive animals so it's hard to actually get to see one in the wild. To find out whether otters exist in an area you have to rely on finding spraint, tracks or setting up camera traps.

Sea otters!

Let's have a sea otter thread. Sea otters have the densest fur of all mammals. They know how to use rocks to crack open delicious sea shells. They eat urchins which keeps kelp forests alive. I love big fat fluffy cute sea otters.

Round otters

360 degrees.

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how cool is it that otters are both land and water predators? both require crazy amounts of specialization but otters just pull it off, and do it extremely well too. do any other animals come close to this skill level?

muddy otters

Where earth and water mix, there is muddy otter.

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What do otters think about?

15th International Otter Congress
>The Congress will be held in Sospel, France, 19-23 September 2022. Sospel is a village in the southern French Alps, close to the Italian border. Sospel is about 50 km from the Nice airport, and about 25 km from the Italian border (Ventimiglia, Italy).

So, who else is coming?

i love otters and i love otterchat.net
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Hmm, otters and leaves are friends? The otter lore deepens.

Where's otter conservation going?

Otters were nearly driven to extinction in the last 100 years from hunting, habitat loss and pollution. Since then, nature conservation has enjoyed a great wave of public support and laws to outlaw toxic pollutants and to protect endangered species like otters soon followed. This included a ban on hunting otters or disturbing them in any way (as in the UK example). Slowly we've seen these measures succeeding and otters have returned to many regions they had once been driven out from. Based on all this, I'm wondering what the long term goal of otter conservation should be. When otters were still common, they used to be persecuted and everyone used to hate them because they competed with fisheries. Do we just want to go back to that status quo before we nearly drove them to extinction – including returning to hunting and trapping like before?
Will we continue in some kind of legislatively self-controlled state of reduced human activity around otter habitats?
Conservation is pretty much still riding the same wave of public support that began back then. If this wave breaks, what are we gonna do? What if people stop caring about protecting nature again because they don't feel like it's being threatened anymore? Policy will be made based on what the public wants. If politicians don't think people want to protect otters anymore, then how will they be protected?
I suppose these are questions that go beyond just otters, but I'm still curious what you guys think about these things.

Otter fur

Otter fur is really interesting, it's so dense that it's waterproof and very warm. here's an infographic from Cardiff University. Also I hadn't heard about Royal Otters before, otters having white spots is apparently so rare that they're especially majestic.

Site logo?

Let's talk about creating a logo for the site. We have to be recognized.
Maybe some banners are in order, too.

otter in space

Dogs and monkeys have been sent to space. What about otters? I think they'd make brilliant astronotts.
Also, can otters swim in zero gravity? And if water were found on mars, could otters live there?


"The otter's charm, so little known
Holds no ceptre, has no throne
Lives in groups or on his own
Relishing his dearest stone.

Dirt upon which otter rests,
In a coat of comfort drest,
The big wide river makes him guest,
Its wealth upon the beast bequests.

Though in the waves at home is he,
and on the surface equally,
In either must he cease to be,
Split half and half, the otter's see.

Hunger drives him to the depths
where Lord Above grants him a fest,
must yet come up to catch his breath,
must climb back out, of strength bereft.

His charm is in simplicity,
and aptitude and mystery.
Not status or celebrity,
not profit or utility.

No! He lives unseen, unheard,
in the privy spots of Earth,
far to which no man traversed,
so his beauty stays covert.

As between homes his home is split,
as between each of both he flits,
so too his self and soul is split,
two distinct natures they emit.

One like a terrifying beast,
brutish strength, sharp claws and teeth
craving only tasty meat
inbetween his webbed-toed feet.

The other busy frolicking,
nimbly diving, scampering,
juggling, rolling, or enjoying
upon his breast the sun-rays shining.

Where both of these are married, splendid!
Grace and vice, in one, ascended.
In the otter they are blended.
This Almighty God intended."
-- Anonymous


https://otterwiki.net/ is now live!
Anyone can contribute to this project. Let's make it a great resource for learning about otters.

Heartwarming otters

How loving and compassionate can otters be?

Bad news, friends
>Rocky, a male North American river otter at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, died unexpectedly on Thursday, April 21, while undergoing a routine veterinary procedure at the Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital. During the procedure, Rocky, 7, went into cardiac arrest and despite emergency response efforts performed by the OKC Zoo’s veterinary care team, he did not survive.
>A popular resident at the Zoo’s Oklahoma Trails habitat, Rocky brought many smiles to guests’ faces as they watched him swimming at his habitat often rolling and flipping through the water. He will be missed by his caretakers and Zoo fans. Rocky arrived at the Zoo in 2016 from Miller Park Zoo, Bloomington, Illinois.
>📷: Andrea Johnson

RIP Rocky :(

Are otters really S tier cuteness?

Otters are really cute, but I don't think they're the cutest. They got an adorable face, but their feet always look ugly. Any other otter enjoyers feel grossed out by their feet? I feel like other animals definitely beat otters on the cuteness scale.

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Are different types of otters friends with each other? For instance, if a Eurasian and a Marine otter met one another, would they be nice to one another?

Need otter pics

I just got a new computer, and lost all of my otter pics. Could y'all help me out and post some vital otter pics?


How well can otters hear? And what species has the coolest ears? I think sea otters have pretty funny ears.

Otter feasts

An otter dining on a classic French speciality. What other delicacies do these gourmets enjoy?

>pic Rita Chapman
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New Otter documentary
>Chungungo: Re-Ottering Chile

About the efforts to repopulate Chile with otters.

RIP Adaa


>We are sad to announce the passing of Adaa, the male northern sea otter under our care, from cancer. The disease was diagnosed in mid-February and considered terminal. Adaa was treated with medications to manage his symptoms and provide him with a good quality of life for the time he had left. The staff had hoped this would give him several weeks, but his condition recently deteriorated and he was humanely euthanized on Sunday, February 27.
>This beloved animal was the oldest male sea otter at zoos and aquariums in the U.S., and he became the oldest male sea otter on record in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) “studbook” when he reached 22 years and 2 months old. (On average, sea otters in the wild live 15–20 years.) An AZA studbook dynamically documents the entire demographic history of each individual of a species—this is an invaluable tool to help us understand how individuals and groups are doing and allows us to provide the best standard of care.

Farewell Adaa, you will be missed.

New otter news from IOSF!

All the otters are doing well and they're building a new hospital.

Muscular otter

Turns out fish are a great source of protein

Otters love the autumn

It's that leafy season.

Pics from Edinburgh Zoo

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Imagine if a person has never heard about otters and doesn't know anything about them.

How do you explain otters to someone like that?

Micas, Europe's oldest sea otter, dies at 20

Otter websites

https://dailyotter.org/ is a pretty nice page, they upload otter stuff every day. What are some other good otter sites?

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Marine otters are already extremely rare, but now an oil spill in Peru is further killing dozens of them. Also plankton, seals, fish, penguins, crabs, basically the whole ecosystem of a pristine natural region has been destroyed.

The Spanish oil company Repsol, which spilled 6000 barrels of oil, is being fined $36 million. Repsol has an annual revenue of $56 billion. That means it'll take them about 5½ hours to recover all the money from the fine.

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Did you know that otters are otters?

What do otters dream about?

Otter congress logo contest!

Hey guys, the Otter Specialist Group is holding a contest for the logo of the next big otter event. We're pretty good at making logos, so let's join.

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Why are you all so obsessed with otters?

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What do otters smell like?

Otter attacks
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This image of otters was AI-generated at https://neuralblender.com/

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Thank you for loving otters.

Extinct otters

The earth used to be much richer in otters than it is today.
In this thread let's share some of our little knowledge about the otters that used to roam the land and sea in bygone eras.

>Researchers from the Universities of Tubingen and Zaragoza have discovered a previously unknown species of otter from 11.4 million year old strata at the Hammerschmiede fossil site. The new species was named Vishnuonyx neptuni, meaning Neptunes Vishnu otter. The Vishnu otter genus was previously known only from Asia and Africa. Vishnu otters (Vishnuonyx) are predators with a weight of 10-15 kilograms that were first discovered in sediments in the foothills of the Himalayas and lived 14 – 12.5 million years ago.

Europe floods 2021

Big floods ongoing in Germany/Belgium.
Are y'all okay? Any otters in the area who can help out?

Otter mums care for their young more than themselves

""Old Mama" was the first mother whose family I studied in detail. From 1986 to 1991, she gave birth to 22 pups. Ol' Mom was a paragon of motherhood, totally dedicated to her young. I've never seen any female of any species work more dutifully to raise her little ones. Old Mama genuinely loved her pups. She cried for days after her lastborn yearling daughter was killed. Subsequently, the old matriarch lost the will to live, and she died of self-imposed starvation in July, 1992."
By J Scott Shannon https://otters.net/pg2.html
What a story. Really shows the strength of motherhood even in animals.

How are otter friends doing?

Most zoos are closed due to the pandemic so we haven't been able to visit our otters for a long time. How are you holding up during these tough times?
I really miss my otters. I wanna go back and watch them play around again, it makes me so happy. But I've been deprived of that by this stupid virus for months now.

2021 Otter Review is out
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What is the difference between humans and otters?

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The otter and the binturong.

MarineMammalRescue livestream!

Hey otternons! What do you think of the MarineMammalRescue channel on Twitch?

Hairy Nosed Otters

What do you like about hairy nosed otters? I like their hairy noses.

Otter scratches

Sometimes otter gets itchy.

How otters work

<- Otter food processing. This is where otters turn their prey into power.

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I've got a weasel here, comrades. Are they our allies or not?

Otter Spring

I feel a Second Spring coming on.
Otters aren't ready for summer to be over.
I think otters are going to make it Spring again, all over the world cause they want to keep splashing in the water while it's really really HOT


Afghanistan is otter country. Will the taliban be nice to them?

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Steppin on the beach


My fine fellows,

our annual otter movie night is to return at the end of next month, God willing. We shall enjoy a rewatch of the classic otter film Ring of Bright Water along with perhaps some fun educational otter videos.

We meet on May 26th at 9PM CET at our usual location: https://cytu.be/r/ottercine

Make sure to tell your friends. Looking forward to a good time!

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Asian short clawed otters are so small and pudgy. Compare that to Eurasian otters with their muscular, well-proportioned bodies.
How do you explain this?

otter vs fence

I want to break free


Big Otters & Little Otters

Otters really know how to snug each other.
Post Big Otts and Little Otts being cute and snuggly.
The world could use some love.

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How do I profit from otters?

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>How can I help otters?
>The first thing you may ask yourself after learning about otters is how you can help them. 12 out of 13 otter species in the world are in danger of extinction. Thankfully, many different organisations around the world are dedicated to conserving and caring for otters.

You fellas doing your part?

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Livin' on the edge.

cute otters

I don't just like otters because they're cute. Lots of things are cute. Otters are more than that. Things like cuteness and beauty only touch the eyes. Otters however, touch your heart. There's just something about them that I can't describe, it's as if they are life in its purest form. It's as if if you opened a dictionary to look up the definition of "life", you could just find a picture of otters.

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Did you know otters rape their babies? I thought it was interesting

Happy World Otter Day!

How are you otternons celebrating?


What is an "otter"?

How deep can otters dive?

Given that they are little torpedoes, how deep can they actually go? I suspect sea otters can go the deepest since they actually forage straight from the seafloor.
What does the science say?

Please define "Otter"

I am unclear on what is otter. Conflicting reports have left anon confused.
Perhaps Anon can enlighten me. What is Otter to (You)?

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Check out me new board, brehs

Are otters the same as their parts?

I had a thought. Do the individual parts of an otter (head, tail, feet ect) resemble the characteristics of the whole otter?
For example, the small-clawed otter has small claws, and is also a small otter.
And the spotted necked otter has a spotted neck, and the whole otter is therefore also spotted.
And all the different body parts of giant otters are giant, which then makes the whole otter giant
Are these only coincidences?
Otters All The Way Down?