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Otterchan is an imageboard for talking about otters anonymously and with no registration required. The site is still under construction.
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What Are Otters?

Otters are semi-aquatic mammals of the Mustelid family. They inhabit every continent except for Australia and Antarctica. They are predators that mostly eat fish and seafood. They have long bodies and webbed feet used to swim, and they have extremely dense, soft fur to keep them warm.
There are thirteen otter species around the world. North American river otters, Eurasian otters, Neotropical otters, Sea otters, Southern river otters, Smooth-coated otters, Small-clawed otters, Hairy-nosed otters, African clawless otters, Cape clawless otters, Giant otters, Spotted-necked otters, Marine otters.
There are thirteen different species of otters around the world. Some live in freshwater, some in saltwater environments, and some in both. Otters range in body length from half a meter up to two metres.

How can I help otters?

The first thing you may ask yourself after learning about otters is how you can help them. 12 out of 13 otter species in the world are in danger of extinction. Thankfully, many different organisations around the world are dedicated to conserving and caring for otters.
This is an incomplete list. If you know more of these, please post about them!

Global groups:
International Otter Survival Fund
Otter Specialist Group

Friends of the Sea Otter
Sea Otter Foundation & Trust
River Otter Ecology Project

Le Groupe Loutre de la SFEPM

Aktion Fischotterschutz

Lontra Italia

UK Wild Otter Trust


Czech Republic:

Africa (all):
African Otter Network

Wild Otters

Pakistan Wildlife Foundation

Himalaya Region:
Himalayan Otter Network

Ramsar Center Japan
Japan Wetland Society

Palawan Otters

Projeto Lontra Ekko Brasil

FundaciĆ³n Omacha

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