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File: 1651446439401.jpg -(225092 B, 614x529) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
225092 No.2451  

Ottercine: Otter Movie Night

What? A stream event where we meet and watch otters and other things together. Documentaries, short videos, whatever you like - everyone can add something!

When? On the last Sunday of every month at 8pm UTC.

Where? Here: https://cytu.be/r/ottercine

>> No.2457  

Oh boy, I can’t wait. Ottercine is always a great time, and this occasion is sure to be no exception to that rule

>> No.2459  

It's bound to be fun as always.

>> No.2481  

I wanna make us an invitation poster. Just posting here so I won't forget

>> No.2485  
File: 1652027261387.png -(588691 B, 1000x575) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Made some versions, pick which you like!

>> No.2486  
File: 1652027304320.png -(625878 B, 1000x575) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.2487  
File: 1652027335363.png -(1202389 B, 1300x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.2488  
File: 1652027359118.png -(1234779 B, 1300x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.2491  
File: 1652045596053.png -(627985 B, 1000x575) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>2486 Fixed it up, I think this one's best.

>> No.2506  

Only two weeks left! You fellas hype yet? I sure am

>> No.2521  
File: 1652700538710.png -(290860 B, 472x553) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We'll get a nice viewership this year for sure. Otter specialist group is also promoting it.

>> No.2522  

All the Ottercines we've had have kept becoming progressively more delightful each year, so I'm really looking forward to what next Wednesday has in store for us

>> No.2523  

Oh wow, that's pretty cool. I wonder how many new otterlovers this advertisement is going to reach aside from just otternons

>> No.2524  

one week to go...

>> No.2527  

Just found out about this. Will be there

>> No.2529  

Great! See you there!

>> No.2530  

Mind sharing a link to the content /otterchat/? That way if there are any issues for any of us connecting to cytube (or if we don't have bandwidth to stream it live) can play along too.

>> No.2534  

>>2530 It's on Youtube, you'll be able to find it just entering the title.

>> No.2535  



Just say Otterchat

>> No.2537  

Sounds fun, ill actually make it for once

>> No.2543  

Less than two hours to go!

>>2537 Great to hear Anon.

>> No.2546  

Thanks so much for organizing such a great event, it was a lot of fun!

>> No.2548  
File: 1653561602357.jpg -(191668 B, 1024x792) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I had lots of fun last night, it was a lovely evening. But I'm still disappointed, because I invited so many otter lovers and so many responded positively. I was really excited for it. In the end, five people showed up. Including myself.
Is any of what I'm doing worth it at all, if nobody cares?
Nevertheless last night was wonderful, and they're the fools for missing out, but still...

>> No.2549  

The hard thing about organizing events is precisely this. It's hard when we put a lot of effort into something and people wind up not engaging, and I've organized several events where people said they would go and in the end they didn't. I'm so jaded now that I never expect things I plan to go well, and yes that means I'm sometimes very pleasantly surprised but I'm bitter and old and far more negative than I need to be.
Please, don't become like me. Don't lose your hope. It's always worth it to try. Always.

>> No.2550  

>>2549 Thanks anon.
I guess what really matters, is that those who do care care a LOT. That's what I'm really thankful for. You're right that I shouldn't give up, and I won't. This community has become too dear to me to give up.

>> No.2555  

I got caught up with stuff last night and wasn't able to tune in until everyone else was already gone. But if you can make this a more regular occurrence, you'll surely have more people show up.

>> No.2556  

>>2555 It is a regular thing, Ottercine happens every year on World Otter Day.
We can still hang out there outside of that of course, the room is still open. There was talk about that last year, in fact, but it never got anywhere.

>> No.2558  
File: 1653592969099.jpg -(164568 B, 600x335) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I really meant to come, but that night, my power went out and it killed my wifi. I wish that I had been able to come, and I was there in spirit, but unfortunately I couldn't. I do get your point though, and I would agree with >>2555 that making otter movie nights more common would likely increase the total amount of people able to show up for them. Maybe a biweekly or monthly sort of deal where we watch an otter movie or documentary, or just stream some otter videos for a little bit. It wouldn't have to be all that expansive, but it would provide more opportunities outside of the one night for people to come

>> No.2559  

Hmm. It could be a good idea, but the question is whether there is enough stuff to watch without becoming repetitive. I guess we could also watch other things beside otter films in any case. I'd be open to trying it.

>> No.2560  

This would be my worry too. While we all know otters are great, otter content doesn't come out all that often and it would be a shame to run through it too fast. There's also something that seems special to me about yearly events, when you do things too regularly they stop having that special feeling.
That said, the Monterey Bay aquarium has a live sea otter cam and there may be other aquariums that do that too, that could be fun to watch every now and again.

>> No.2562  

It'd also be fun watching and finding out about more animals too, I think. We could make it a little unoffical weekly get together inbetween the big, official yearly streams.

>> No.2563  

I'd think that weekly might be a bit too often, and we'd probably run through ott content a bit quickly if we did that. Monthly though might be better, it's only 12 times a year, and we can eventually cycle back once enough time has passed if there isn't anything new coming out about otters. Additionally, I think we could extend "Movie Night" or whatever we call it to be about other mustelids, or even things tangentially related to otters, such as things about the habitats that otters occupy.

>> No.2564  

Yeah, that could be good. Hey, I'll just throw on another documentary this weekend. How does Saturday sound to you guys? Same time, same place?

>> No.2565  

It's a bit short notice so I don't know how many people we will get, but I'm in.

>> No.2566  

Monthly sounds the most ideal. Frequent enough for it to be on our minds, but infrequent enough that we don't run out of otter content.

>> No.2567  

Could you maybe go for Sunday, I'm a little occupied Saturday. Of course, if everyone else wants Saturday, I'll try and see if I can make it

>> No.2568  

Sat or sun works for me, just lemme kno

>> No.2570  

Okay, Sunday it is.

>> No.2574  

It'll just be the regulars, I'm alright with that.

>> No.2590  

Alright, two hours to go until the first monthly ottervid

>> No.2591  

Do we know what we're going to watch?

>> No.2592  

I found something really nice. Come and find out.

>> No.2593  

That was a lovely stream! I'm already looking forward to the next one.

>> No.2594  

It was, same here!

>> No.2595  

For the record, we'll be meeting on the last Sunday of the month

>> No.2597  

>>2595 at 8pm GMT*

>> No.2625  

I will have to keep an eye put for the next one.

>> No.2627  

You really should, it was a great time! I missed the annual Ottercine, but these new monthly movie nights seem like a great opportunity for more otternons to make it to them

>> No.2720  

It's on again this Sunday.

>> No.2741  

>>2720 anyone got an idea what we can watch?

>> No.2743  

This is one of my favorite otter documentaries. I can't remember if we've watched it in recent memory though, so we might want something different if we have

>> No.2744  

>>2743 It says video unavailable... Is it mirrored anywhere?

>> No.2746  

I think it's also on Amazon Prime, but I couldn't find it anywhere else for free. Here's another documentary that I just found though

>> No.2747  

>>2746 Oo that one looks interesting too, we could watch that

>> No.2749  

just two hours to go!

>> No.2750  
File: 1656273615662.jpg -(276734 B, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alright, everybody, time to hop on in and enjoy some ottery goodness!

>> No.2751  

It was a wonderful stream once again, keep loving otters guys.

>> No.2752  

Aw man, I was cleaning all day and totally missed it.

>> No.2753  

>>2752 Sorry anon :( hope you make it next time

>> No.2862  

Any suggestions for this Sunday?

>> No.2865  

I haven’t watched this one, but the thumbnail made it look good. I didn’t wanna watch it early and spoil it for myself

>> No.2866  

>>2865 Ah we already watched that in May, we can watch it again of course but I'd rather see if we can't find something new

>> No.2868  

Oh, I think I missed that time, which probably shows why I didn’t know. I’ll see if I can find anything else

>> No.2872  

How about this?

>> No.2874  

This here is a collection of shorter documentaries that we could watch


>> No.2876  

Just one hour to go, let's get ready otternons!

>> No.2877  

Just under an hour to go! Drop in now for a comfy prestream.

>> No.2878  

I love otters and I love you all

>> No.2879  

I had a great time, as usual. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing the otterlove everyone!

>> No.2881  
File: 1659370908390.jpg -(56792 B, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Boy do we have some times

>> No.2882  

Really, we do. It's a highlight of my month. It seems silly saying it, but I look forward to hanging out and watching otter videos with strangers on the internet.

>> No.2883  
File: 1659466202037.jpg -(48869 B, 590x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Definitely, I always look forward to it too. I love enjoying otters with friends.

>> No.2886  

Next stream on Sunday, August 28th

>> No.2928  

I'm very sad that I wont be able to attend Ottercine this month. I will, however, be sending my love for otters from a distance.

>> No.2929  

Aww :( hope you'll make it again next time

>> No.2932  
File: 1661381987774.jpg -(560079 B, 2273x1707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Getting ready...

>> No.2936  

Today is the day, once again!

>> No.2939  

So what're we watching this time?
I'd like to propose this if we haven't watched it before, I forget


>> No.2940  

thank you

>> No.2941  
File: 1661788394476.gif -(1471139 B, 365x372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This was a great time, as always. Can't wait for the next one!

>> No.2942  

>>2941 It really was a very nice Sea Otter stream, I loved looking at all the sea otters and learning about them with you guys.

>> No.2943  

Sea otters are my favorite otts and I missed this one! But I am glad these are happening more often so I can have more otters in my life.

>> No.3040  

it's that time of the month again!

>> No.3041  
File: 1664101390196.jpg -(178473 B, 1200x676) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Preparing a snack for the festivities.

>> No.3042  

Does anyone have any possible documentaries to watch this time? Sadly, I've got nothing new on hand

>> No.3043  

I found a pretty interesting one.

>> No.3045  

You guys coming?

>> No.3046  

Wish I could've stayed longer, but the things that we watched while I was present were fun

>> No.3047  

I got called into work and I just got off shift now. Im so sad.

>> No.3092  

Still on for this weekend?

>> No.3093  

I always am

>> No.3094  

Somebody left a bunch of video links in the chat. We could look at one of those.

>> No.3098  

1 hour left. Are you ready? Let's rev up these otters

>> No.3099  
File: 1667158048409.jpg -(35392 B, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I might be late this month, but I'll try and get in ASAP.

>> No.3100  

It was another great ottercine, thanks for the good times friends!

>> No.3101  
File: 1667171104855.jpg -(186375 B, 500x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Aw man, I completely missed it! I'm gonna be sure to be there next time, I can't believe myself.

>> No.3106  

Sorry anon :( hope to see you again next time
This is what we saw if you'd like to rewatch. A touching story it was. Shows how an otter can overcome and grow stronger.

>> No.3137  

We're on this weekend, otters
What shall we watch?

>> No.3138  

I never know what to watch, but I know I always have a good time hangin out and watchin some otters. Maybe we could watch one of the things from the otter congress?

>> No.3144  


>> No.3145  
File: 1669581061112.jpg -(269268 B, 2048x1365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you guys coming? I don't wanna watch otters by myself

>> No.3146  

I just showed up, but I think I’m too late

>> No.3147  
File: 1669588688612.jpg -(1156656 B, 2731x1707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thanks for coming, everyone! I'm glad I waited. Better late than never.

Just for the record, we're skipping December and coming back in January.

>> No.3148  
File: 1669595081704.jpg -(22634 B, 554x398) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was looking forward to this all week, I even set an alarm to help me remember. But then the alarm went off yesterday instead of today, and I apparently turned it off so it didnt trip today and I kept waiting for it to go off to let me know it was otter time, and now here I am far too late. I really wonder what's wrong with me sometimes.

>> No.3150  
File: 1669604486910.jpg -(202475 B, 571x635) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nothing's wrong with you, buddy, we all make mistakes. Just go ahead and plan for the next one, and forgetting this time will make sure that you don't forget for next time

>> No.3167  

FUCK i missed otter weekend
if anyone wants to watch otter videos this saturday december 3rd at 7pm 1900 cst ill be there
im setting a timer now

>> No.3168  

Don't be too upset if you miss out on ottercine once friends, sometimes you forget or other things can happen. Even if it's disappointing, we're all still here and always looking forward to the next time. By the way, this is the film we saw on Sunday if anyone of you who missed the stream would like to rewatch it.

That's a bit late for me I'm afraid, but others might be able to come. Did you have anything specific to watch in mind?

>> No.3171  

Im in, I also set a timer. Do you wana watch what you missed Sunday? Or did you have anything else in mind?

>> No.3172  

i cannot believe my alarm didnt go off
im very sad

>> No.3173  

Its only 1730 cst right now, unless I'm thinking of the wrong cst?

>> No.3236  

when's the next otter kino

>> No.3237  

Well, even if I missed watchign with friends, I watched this and it was cool! I like how it has stuff to say about other animals in the ecosystem and how they interact with the otties. IDK if we watched it on one of the ones I had to miss, but if not it could be nice to watch together.

Next one is in January, since it'll be Christmas on the last Sunday of December.

>> No.3243  

That looks interesting. I don't think we saw it before so let's save it for the next ottercine

>> No.3330  

Hey guys, you know what we could watch?

>> No.3332  

I don't have any ideas, but wasn't there some discussion around the last time about what to watch? Or do you have any ideas?

>> No.3333  

I mentioned this last time, I thought it was good! https://youtu.be/jl0H0rUfYAk

>> No.3346  

We still on for this weekend?

>> No.3347  

You know it!

>> No.3353  

Just an hour away!

>> No.3354  

Tonight was as lovely as ever.

>> No.3355  
File: 1675031953197.jpg -(57085 B, 612x439) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It was, thanks for coming out everyone!

>> No.3398  

What's on this sunday, any ideas? We could watch an otter movie, or a regular movie, or maybe something else?

>> No.3409  

February is so short I just realized its ottercine weekend!
Ottermovies are obviously most on brand, we could watch Maxwelli maybe? Or if you have a non-otter movie in mind that could also be cool! Otters are very cool, but there are other cool things besides just otters.

>> No.3410  

Maxwelli, you mean the film they showed at the congress about Maxwell's otter? It's good but it's rather short, so if we watch it we should also watch something else along with it. I'm sure we'll find something.

>> No.3415  

Yep, that's the one I was thinking of. Have we watched this one yet? It's the same channel as the one we watched last time, though I haven't watched it so I cant vouch for it personally.

>> No.3418  

I don't remember us watching very much giant otter content.

>> No.3419  


>> No.3420  

I really wish I hadn't missed this month, but I had another commitment. Still, I hope that everybody else had a good time with it!

>> No.3424  

>>3420 I hope you'll make it next time! We missed you too. We saw the documentary about Diane and her giant otters, then we watched this documentary about badgers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GibcHk0ue8g
It was a lovely time, as always.

>> No.3429  

Dang, I really wish I had made it! Next time though, I'm gonna be there, come hell or high water

>> No.3495  

:cine: Next stream on Sunday, March 26th at 8pm UTC :cine:

>> No.3497  

I'm pumped! It's been too long since I last made it to Ottercine, this one is gonna be fun:dance:

>> No.3518  

One week til ottercine! :cine:

>> No.3540  

Tomorrow is ottercine! Don't forget about daylight savings time :cine:

>> No.3544  

What do you guys wanna watch tonight?

Btw, I'll be in Tarawih tonight so I'll be a bit late, just start without me if you want

>> No.3547  

There’s a bit of a chance that I might be late as well, but I’m definitely coming. Just driving back from a trip today
Also, this one isn’t super long, but I don’t think that we’ve watched it before, at least not that I can remember

>> No.3548  

And now it’s looking like I’m gonna be super late, I’ve got an hour and forty five minute drive ahead of me and I haven’t even left yet.:cutemad:

>> No.3549  

It's still 1.5 hours to go so maybe you'll make it :smallclawed:

>> No.3550  

Found this which seemed interesting, a documentary about dams and their effects on rivers. Might be a bit long though.

>> No.3551  

Posting so I can see what time it is. :cine:

>> No.3552  

Thanks for a wonderful time :feelsgood:

>> No.3587  

It's in 3 days! Time flies, huh.

>> No.3588  

It really does! I'm gonna have to miss this time, I've got three papers due Sunday and my dad is coming up to visit, so I really just don't have any time that day. I'll be there in spirit though!

>> No.3589  

3 papers, sounds like a ton of work. Gbwy ternon

>> No.3590  
File: 1682835258284.jpg -(595760 B, 1800x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah, it's not exactly fun. I got through two of them over the past couple of days, but I've still got eight pages and some research to knock out for this last one. Here's hoping we can get it done:hiding:

>> No.3592  
>> No.3593  
File: 1682877732477.jpg -(31193 B, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

:surprised: Witchcraft! Useful witchcraft, but still witchcraft!

>> No.3595  

Just the wonders of technology :otterium:

>> No.3596  

Thanks for another lovely night!

How did it go, otternon?

>> No.3597  
File: 1683007108289.jpg -(14463 B, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>how did it go

Pretty nicely, I've only got one paper left due Wednesday! We're about 900 words deep into a 3000 word one, so it's coming along. But all the other papers are done, and after them we've only got one exam for Latin, and we'll be rocking and rolling. So almost there!:dance::dance::dance:

>> No.3604  

Thanks for last ottercine, I really look forward to the next!

>> No.3627  

It's world Otterday this week! It will be the one year anniversary of me finding an advertisement for the Ottercine and coming around the board regularly. Thanks for making such a wonderful place for equally wonderful people to get together and talk about Otters :love:

>> No.3630  
File: 1684965349101.jpg -(75385 B, 504x625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm pumped for it! And I'm happy you're here otternon, always great when someone finds this nice little corner of the internet:comfy:

>> No.3634  
>> No.3638  

It's almost time! Do we have any ideas for anything in particular to watch?

>> No.3639  

I do have something for tonight, the story of a rescued otter.

>> No.3640  

We're on!!!

>> No.3642  
File: 1685311064405.jpg -(1151140 B, 2734x1707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It was a bit of a sad one tonight, but it was still a wonderful time being with you all.

>> No.3644  

Anything for World Otter Day?

>> No.3645  

I don't think so, in the stream we talked about just having a celebration through a thread. A lot of people have to work tomorrow, iirc

>> No.3646  

Well, I guess I'll still have a stream on my own channel at 9pm CEST.

>> No.3647  

I have work but I'll try to pop in when I can!

>> No.3655  

It's over a week late but I just wanted to say thanks again for hosting for world otter day, I had a great time! :love:

>> No.3657  

>>3655 With pleasure! :feelsgood: Too bad there weren't many viewers. I understand a lot of people don't have time on Wednesday, but I'm very often away on Sunday. Hopefully I can make some time for joining the monthly stream this time.

>> No.3658  

Maybe we could look at changing the normal time on Sundays to see if you could make it?

>> No.3663  

Cine next week! What are we watching?

>> No.3664  

I vote for otters! :hairynosed:
Its older now, but I found this if we want to watch it and haven't done so yet. I also got sea otters for my captcha, which I think is a good sign https://youtu.be/540mwgTlgVg

>> No.3669  



Whaaaaat?!? I think we should do something like slugs, the least ottery animals!:lol:

>> No.3671  

I will definitely try to be there this Sunday. It'd be nice to watch some otter docs before I go on my otter holiday trip next week. :dance:

>> No.3673  

Huh, otter holiday? Tell us about it!

Are they the least ottery? They're long and brown too aren't they?

>> No.3681  

I went to the International Otter Congress last year and met a zookeeper who works at Aqua in Silkeborg. That's where I'm going. Aqua has Eurasian otters and other local mustelids. After that I'm going to Hamburg and visit the zoos there, which have otters too. Tierpark Hagenbeck has giant otters and Schwarzeberge has Eurasian otters and Asian small claws as well as some other mustelids.

>> No.3732  

Ottercine incoming! I was wondering if we might want to watch this one? https://youtu.be/aeKw0Hcks-A

>> No.3733  

Looks cool! :cine:

>> No.3736  

Posting this here so we don't forget about it next month.

>> No.3737  
File: 1690860374648.jpg -(567265 B, 1480x1550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh my gosh, I totally missed this last night, didn't I? I've been so busy that it completely slipped my mind!:cutemad:
Dang it, I always look forward to Ottercine and it just whiffed over my head because I forgot to check Otterchat for the past few days

>> No.3739  

That's ok friend, you can catch the next one!
We wound up watching the one from this post >>3732 if you'd like to watch it. I thought it was pretty good. It had some sad moments, but was overall hopeful

>> No.3746  

It's Ottercine tomorrow! I'm looking forward to watching that video in >>3736 which we talked about last time, and I also found this, though it seems to be more of a general documentary on the region than otters specifically. https://youtu.be/4nA8PttEu1Q?si=YxspRpeKYdVtPs_d
It might be too long to fit along with the other one, but if people are interested we could always watch it another time

>> No.3747  

>>3746 That one says not available for me :/

>> No.3748  
File: 1693183732606.jpg -(56792 B, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>I missed the next one

I really need to set a reminder for myself somewhere. School starting back up has had me distracted, but I will not miss the next Ottercine. Even if I'm only there for a bit, I wanna make sure to say hey to all the otternons!

>> No.3749  

I actually would have missed it myself, except I set an alarm in my phone called "otter" for 15 minutes before ottercine time and it repeats every Sunday. It does mean that most of the time I just dismiss the alarm, but it pays off on ottercine day! As long as I have my phone by me, which I don't always, but it hasn't been a problem yet

>> No.3759  

Somehow time got away from me and it's ottercine tomorrow? Where did the month go? We could watch this one maybe, but it's a bit short so it'd be nice to have something else on the block too. I found one that isn't otter related, its about American mink, but but its new to youtube so we probably haven't seen it yet.


>> No.3761  

Wow, September really did fly past. I'm going to set an alarm to make sure that I make it this time, but I'm happy with whatever. Some otters are always good, but other animals are also very interesting.

>> No.3772  

Having a weekly reminder of otters sounds like a good idea. :marine:

>> No.3783  
File: 1698228796643.jpg -(54779 B, 600x414) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Remember otters!

>> No.3784  

Speaking of otter remembrance, it's Ottercine weekend! Though I have absolutely no idea what to watch. My searches haven't brought up anything new :hiding:

>> No.3785  

I also have no ideas on what to watch, but unfortunately I am going to be unable to make it to Ottercine this month, as something just came up that I have to attend to. Still, I’ll be there in spirit, and I hope that y’all can find something great and ottery to watch

>> No.3786  

Thank you! We'll think of you, too! :love:

>> No.3825  

Cine's this sunday, again, already! :cine:

>> No.3826  

Yes! It really feels like the latter half of this year flew by, it's almost 2024!

>> No.3828  

Its Ottercine day! :dance:

>> No.3829  

It was a nice stream as always! We are skipping December again, so next time shall be in January :southernriver:

>> No.3921  

I couldn't join last time, but I'm really looking forward to the next! Thanks for arranging these viewings ^^

>> No.3929  

One week until the next ottercine! i still have to really look for something to watch, but I'm excited to see everyone again :cine::love:

>> No.3936  

I feel like so much of whats being made today is short form content. Its a shame, I prefer longer videos. I managed to find a few things, have we watched these ones previously? I remember watching something about shetland otters before, though I thought it was different.




>> No.3938  

These are all great! I don't think we've seen them yet. Good find. :neotropical:

>> No.3939  
File: 1706468127982.png -(1399244 B, 1124x699) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

hello frens.
i think this is not that suitable for the event but maybe you like to watch sometimes during the next few weeks. there is this bald eagle couple in california. they are called jacky and shadow. right now jacky is sitting on one egg.
its possible that there will be two or more in the end. but in the past it showed that jacky tends to do two eggs.
she knows when there is not more to come. thats the point where she starts breeding. in these days its possible to see her standing right next to the egg or even not being around in the nest at all. but thats not a problem.
last year they had two eggs but it was not succesful. at the end there was a huge blizzard going on for days. jacky sat there for hours completely covered up with snow.
lets give them some love and hope the best for this year´s season.
at the moment its quite stormy and jacky is watching the lake.
the first egg is from three days ago. from the point where she starts breeding it will take around 35-40 days till little eagle are hatching.

a little sorry to otterfrens for spamming this eaglecontent on your board. i hope you will like it.
love, hugs and greets from eaglechan

>> No.3942  

Thanks for the watch, looking forward to next time!

>> No.3951  

I have been watching this every now and again since you posted this, it's been nice. Thanks for sharing! :love:

>> No.3955  
File: 1708318204095.jpg -(156736 B, 900x633) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

next movie?

>> No.3956  

Haha, now I wish it was real! I love the names <3

>> No.3958  

It's ottercine again, yay! I had a really busy day today, checked the calendar, and saw that we get to hang out tomorrow. That'll be nice :)

I found a few extra things. The first one isn't otter only, and I think we've watched something on Singapore before but i thought it wouldn't hurt as an option. The second is a longer, more academic piece, it looks like the kind of thing that would be presented at the otter congress. I love stuff like that, but I understand it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. The third is not about otters, its about beavers, but they are in a river called otter and we like beavers too, so I thought I'd link it.

>> No.3991  

Anything planned for tonight? And is it at the usual time even with the time change?

>> No.3992  

I don't know how many people will be able to show up for the holiday, but everyone should be caught up as far as the time change has gone.

>> No.3993  

Sounds good, I'm not celebrating myself so I rather watch some otters personally xP

>> No.3994  

I'm not gonna make it today... Hope you all have a great time, though!

>> No.3995  

Thanks to everyone who could make it, and for those who couldn't I hope you had a wonderful ottery day in your own way :love:

>> No.3996  

Thanks for arranging these viewings, I really appreciate being able to connect with a community like this in such a way ^^

>> No.4009  

It's ottercinne week! yay! Though I may be late this week depending on how stuff shakes out, though I'm hoping to make it still. Hope everyone is having a great day.

>> No.4011  

I remembered to set my alarm well in advance this month. I'm not going to miss another one! :cine:

>> No.4012  

I come bringing offerings.

First, a new documentary on river otters, it was put up 2 weeks ago so should be new to us I think?

A kinda silly one about mustelids in general. If you've seen true facts before you know what to expect, if you haven't its basically comedy nature education.

This one is about sea otters. I feel like I send too many things about sea otters, but they're cute!

This one is a reupload of an older doc, one that I think we might have seen? There are only so many people working with giant otters so the footage seems to blend together to me at times.

>> No.4013  

Thanks for hanging out and making ottercine as great as always :feelsgood:

>> No.4031  

It's been a whole month already. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. :cine:

>> No.4034  

Thanks for ottering everyone, it was a great way to end a good weekend. Hope you all have a great June!

>> No.4049  

Remember otters!

>> No.4050  
File: 1719771878631.png -(6201 B, 411x312) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.4051  

Woah its literally me! :hairynosed: