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This site may still have issues. Please be patient while I figure everything out.

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This is a reply

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File: 1613165272869.jpg -(2004952 B, 2134x1707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is an image reply

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> using wakaba
> not using http://git.picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/picochan/ instead


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Idk, does it make a difference?

>> No.9  

I am just worried because the wakaba software is very old.

I looked into some of the older IB software a few years ago I know for a fact that, for example, two other old imageboard softwares kusaba and kusaba-X have issues (likely even security related ones) The reason why I linked the picochan git repo is that the code is easy to understand, the software is lightweight and it is actively maintained.

>> No.10  

Don't worry anon. Kusaba was known to have bad code. Wakaba is still pretty widely used, so if there were any serious issues we'd probably have heard about it by now.

>> No.11  

I hope you enable a JSON API at some point.

>> No.12  

Sorry I didn't know. I was just a bit paranoid.

>> No.13  

That's okay. A healthy skepticism helps otters survive.

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  1. t
  2. e
  3. s
  4. t
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Finally got the front page done for now, at least until I can think of more stuff to add.

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>Featherless biped
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*I don't
*know what
*this is

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  1. t
  2. e
  3. s
  4. t
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File: 1613828525319.jpg -(333499 B, 1052x744) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The otters of the world map is a huge asset (3.58 MB) to have on the front page: sluggish load time and uses weloveotters.com's bandwidth. You could host a smaller map which could be clicked for full size. Here's a more reasonable size while still being legible.

<a target="_blank" href="https://weloveotterscom.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/otters-of-the-world-map.jpg">
<img id="ottmap" src="ottmap.jpg" width="80%" height="auto">
>> No.45  

Thanks anon, I'll consider it. I might also switch to miniature pictures with text descriptions like we had on 8chan.
Is site loading speed an issue? It seems pretty fast to me.

>> No.49  

It's good, other than that. ~7 seconds for the otter board. ~7 seconds for the front page, excluding the ottmap. ~19 seconds for the ottmap. Almost triple the load time dedicated to a single asset is bad, but much worse design exists on the web. Wakaba is nice, I like it a lot more than LynxChan.

>> No.50  

We're now self-hosting a WebP version of this pic that cut the size down from 4M to around 200K. Ran some tests and it seems the average load speed is between 1 and 3 seconds, which is certainly acceptable.

Where are you located, if you don't mind me asking? Our servers are in Singapore, so anons that are further away might be more on the slow end. Although 7 seconds sounds pretty bad anyhow. Could it be your connection isn't that great?

>> No.55  
File: 1613922340035.png -(14938 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm testing over Tor, but my bare connection isn't that great either. ~7 seconds for the front page now, including the ottmap. Much better thanks to the WebP.

>> No.58  

It's a shame to see one of the original boards leave but glad you guys have a site of your own to call home. Wish you anons all the best.

How easy was it to set up the site? I would love to have my own website to host my board but unfortunately I'm a retard when it comes to tech and struggle to set up a database let alone get vichan working.

>> No.59  

It's doable even with little experience. You'll need your server, put something like CentOS or Ubuntu on it, then install and set up a database and whatever dependencies the imageboard software you're using requires, and finally get the IB itself running. That's the gist of the process, and the details may vary depending on what you want to use. You'll likely run into situations where you need to figure out something for yourself, or where something's not working even though you think it should. Those are the most challenging bits but they can be overcome. For the most part it's a matter of looking up online guides and following them.

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>> No.66  

Cool, this works now. Links now open in a new tab by default.

>> No.101  

I got rid of the silly side menu. Also, your CSS setting will now apply to the front page.

>> No.104  

That post didn't bump for some reason.

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>> No.111  

Oh won't you let me bump this thread

>> No.149  

Is it possible to make it so that files can be posted multiple times on the site? I only have so many otter pictures, and it seems like they can only be posted once each

>> No.170  
File: 1614458863930.jpg -(118536 B, 587x491) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I found a quick and dirty way to do it, but you have to promise you'll expand your otter folder a bit anon.

>> No.171  
File: 1614458892884.jpg -(118536 B, 587x491) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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>> No.231  

another test

>> No.232  

Fixed what was stopping threads from bumping. It was something stupid and it's gone.

>> No.390  

Which CSS theme do you guys prefer? Rakko is easy on the eyes especially in the dark, but Kawauso is nice during daylight.

>> No.403  

I usually use Kawauso, just because it feels like the natural colors for otterchan. It was the primary CSS on the cafe, and it still feels right here. If my eyes start hurting, I just turn on my dark mode extension, but I usually don't need to.

>> No.446  

How would you guys think about hosting other animal/nature themed boards here?

>> No.451  

I would always be in favour of a wolf board, and other mustelids of course, but I do think otters are discerning by nature and very selective about the kinds of habitats they grace with their presence, so we would need to keep it somewhat exclusive or the otters might leavee. That said, otters are happiest in a diverse ecosystem so perhaps it's best to allow it to evolve naturally.

>> No.453  

I wouldn't necessarily be against it, though I would wonder if there is a legitimate demand, and if so, what other boards would come up. I can't think of any specific boards that I wouldn't want on otterchan as of now, though I would have a concern that it would become less "otterchan" and more "general-naturechan" if that makes any sense

>> No.455  

I'd definitely keep the mustelid theme, or at least small carnivores

>> No.459  

At the moment the site isn't set up to handle multiple boards. If you wanna talk about other mustelids you can just do that here.

>> No.479  

>>11 for what purpose?

>> No.484  

Not much of a complaint or issue related post, but this board looks to be pretty successful!

also. testing sage.

>> No.486  

>>484 Otters on the rise.

>> No.495  

I'm very interested in seeing what this board could become

>> No.496  
File: 1616643188499.gif -(509649 B, 340x215) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Makes sense to me. Honestly, I don't see how otters could not be successful. I'm having a great time, and it seems like other otternons are too

>> No.540  
File: 1616715461965.jpg -(10142 B, 236x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Related to >>530
If you want to eventually toy with rotating banners at some point, you could check out the wakaba repo of emmausrs or lisanyan and see how they do it.

I'd help a bit more if I had some sort of experience with Wakaba/IBs (or CSS in general. (and maybe Perl if I feel like hurting myself))

>> No.558  

This otter looks like he spends too much time on the computer.

>> No.564  

Thanks! I might try doing it this way. Although apparently there is a way to do rotating banners natively, using some manner of Perl script file.

# Page look
use constant TITLE => 'Otterchan'; # Name of this image board
use constant SHOWTITLETXT => 0; # Show TITLE at top (1: yes 0: no)
use constant SHOWTITLEIMG => 1; # Show image at top (0: no, 1: single, 2: rotating)
use constant TITLEIMG => 'logo.png'; # Title image (point to a script file if rotating)

All I could find about it was this thread from 2004: https://archives.4-ch.net/tech/kareha.pl/1102969545/ which hasn't enlightened me just yet... Oh well, I kinda like it the way it is. Maybe we can find another use for these cool banners that otteranon made.

>> No.568  

I don't get why in 20+ years of imageboards nobody ever thought of using them for otters until now.

>> No.589  
Let me try this out
>> No.590  

>>589 Ah, nice, tripcodes work too.

>> No.596  

Loving the logo up top! Keep up the good work Otterchan owner!

>> No.597  

Thank you! But I'm not the Otterchan owner. You are Otterchan.

>> No.598  

If you don't want to be regarded as the otterchan owner, then what should we call you?

>> No.599  
File: 1616976903655.png -(760321 B, 628x628) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We are all Otterchan. You can call me what you want because you are Otterchan.

>> No.601  

I guess you can call me the site operator. It's up to you... It's only my duty.

>> No.602  
File: 1616977118628.png -(5106037 B, 1819x2884) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

and that's #600. Hooray!

>> No.603  

Perhaps in another 20 years nobody will think of using them for anything except otters.

>> No.610  

Site operator feels too impersonal. I can't think of any good names right now, but if anybody has any good ideas on what to call the Otterchan admin, please speak up

>> No.623  

otterchan admin? Ottmin?

>> No.624  
File: 1617043568691.jpg -(14463 B, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>623 Ottmin sounds great :D

>>564 Aah I haven't noticed it at first. That looks a bit easier to deal with. It is a shame that documentation is so scarce thought.

My first guess would be to make a tiny script that will look into a folder, pick a random picture and return the name (+ .jpg) of it. (I imagine the rest of the code outside the script will know where to look to get that picture.)

Then point TITLEIMG to that script. That script should return '[name].[ext]' and that should be fine? This is from other experience in c/c++ so idk if my logic work 'w`.

>>558 You are right otternon, He should get some rest soon. =w=

>> No.629  

>>624 He should get some exercise

>> No.633  
File: 1617048401975.jpg -(195313 B, 800x803) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



I love it! Ottmin gets my vote!

>> No.634  



Wise choice, Otter. Don't forget the sour cream.

>> No.692  

>>634 Hmm. If Otter had a choice would he actually prefer raw, plain fish? Or does he just eat it because he has nothing else?
Would be an interesting experiment. Give an otter a regular fish and a cooked seasoned one, and see which one he chooses to consume.

>> No.710  

>>624 Is that an otter browsing Otterchan?

>> No.721  

I imagine that an otter would probably choose raw fish, just because that is what he is used to. However, if he had the opportunity to previously have eaten cooked fish and now he understands that it tastes better, he might pick cooked fish over raw.

>> No.725  

>>721 Maybe it doesn't taste better. Maybe we're the ones missing out.

>> No.843  

That would make sense. An otter wouldn’t eat raw fish if he didn’t prefer it that way.

>> No.844  

Somebody should do an experiment: Give an otter raw and cooked fish and see which he eats first.

>> No.847  

I’d love to run that experiment, but the problem would be gaining access to an otter who is willing to participate in the experiment.

>> No.848  

It would get free fish, kind of a no brainer tbh.

>> No.849  

>>847 >>848
Maybe the otter is using you to run the experiment so it can benefit from both the fish & the data. Otters are crafty like that.

>> No.955  


>> No.956  


  • Post it otteranon,
  • and don't forget to try the
  • cool markdown list feature!
>> No.1105  

Things are happening.

>> No.1106  


>> No.1107  


>> No.1108  

>>1105 >>1106 >>1107
Little know fact: otters' favourite 4 letter word is

>> No.1109  

>>1108 I can think of another 4 letter word.

>> No.1110  

>>1109 And another three.

>> No.1111  

What about fish, clam, crab, kelp, rock, milk and snow?

>> No.1138  

It might just become something great.

>> No.1245  

Hey chums. Try out this cool new theme and lmk what you think.

>> No.1246  

>>1138 it's already grate

>> No.1256  

Not bad. I still prefer the original Kawauso, but this new one is, in my humble opinion, superior to the Rakko.

>> No.1321  

Hey guys,

what are some features you'd like to see on the site?

>> No.1322  


>> No.1323  

>>1322 What's that?

>> No.1324  

Eh, I'd rather not give free advertising to otterless websites.

>> No.1326  

The ability to post webms or mp3s would be nice.

I don't know, it seems to me like being a part of the webring would allow us to attract more otternons

>> No.1327  

Agree on the allowing more formats. But we spent over a year in the webring, so all the otternons would already be here.

>> No.1329  


>all the otternons would already be here.

Maybe, but there's always the potential for new people. Maybe some people could be into otters but be new to the webring, or something like that.

>> No.1330  

>>1329 Not much potential there. New otter anons are best found elsewhere.

>> No.1345  

Maybe, but where else is there to find new otternons?

>> No.1368  
File: 1625352842873.png -(9683 B, 1150x134) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I asked smug/support/ about a webring plugin for Wakaba and here's a reply I got.

>> No.1369  


>> No.1585  

The plan is to become less of a "chan" and more of a freestanding site, and to shift gears from "anons who like otters" to "everyone who likes otters". I'm also working on another new otter website that I think you're gonna like. That all will be done in early '22, and I'll be out with a proper announcement until then.

>> No.1588  

Dear Ottmin,
Thank you for supporting the otts!
I took a poll of the local otter population on your proposed plans and these were the results:

>shift gears from "anons who like otters" to "everyone who likes otters".

There was general enthusiasm for this idea and a consensus that this is the correct direction for the shared future of otters and people. Having thoroughly one over all the Anons of quality, otters are ready to win the hearts and minds of the wider population.

>another new otter website

Otters in general report excited curiosity to experience something new, an Otterchan v2.0, perhaps, building on the massive success of the original? New year, new sight.


A majority of otters have been pleasantly surprised by their Otterchan adventures. More than half of all otters are ready to claim even more of the internet to make it into otter-habitable territory. 91.7% of all otters love the ottmin, and that's pretty fucking good cause everyone knows some otters like to be ornery for the sake of it.

>> No.1589  

Otter pollsters: Letting us know what otters like.

>> No.1590  

With otters playing so hard to get, how else would you know?
Few can get access to the data a professional otter pollster can.

>> No.1626  

I wonder... What is their secret?

>> No.1631  

It's hard to say. It's almost as difficult to get close to a genuine otter pollster as it is with a real otter. But I suspect they are those special people chosen by the otters from early childhood to be a mouthpiece or conduit for otterkind. Translators, if you will, for the vast, blind mass of humanity who wouldn't appreciate otters even if they were lucky enough to get bitten right on the nose by one.

>> No.1726  

Testing silly names

>> No.1727  


>> No.1728  


>> No.1729  


>> No.1730  


>> No.1731  

Huh, doesn't work