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133220 No.890  

Did you know that otters are otters?

>> No.894  

What?! You're kidding, right?

>> No.912  

What else are they?

>> No.925  

Which otter is the most otter, though?

>> No.926  

Each one is otter than the other.

>> No.954  

Do you have a single peer-reviewed study to back that up?

>> No.957  

>>954 No but I once saw an otter and it was an otter.

>> No.958  

But can you verify that the otter that you saw was actually an otter?

>> No.959  

Yeah, it checked all the boxes.

>> No.960  

If it checked all the boxes then it can't have been an otter. Otters have no respect for paperwork, box-checking or bureaucracy of any kind. Give them forms to fill out and they'll just get them soggy. Completely impossible to keep track of them. The last census attempt was a nightmare.

>> No.963  

Maybe it was looking for something to snack on or play with? You know boxes can have all kinds of stuff in them

>> No.964  

I mean if you gave an otter a box, no way it wouldn't check it. That's just how otters are, they check stuff out.

>> No.969  


>The last census attempt was a nightmare.

I would disagree in that it failed. If you were able to see the results of otters on bureaucracy, then you know that there are otters. Seems pretty simple to me.

>> No.974  


>the results of otters on bureaucracy

Bureaucracy never stood a chance.

>> No.1139  

Did you know that otters?

>> No.1145  

That otters what?

>> No.1146  

Otters would be as dominant in the office as they are in the wild.

>> No.1159  

Otters dominate in all situations

>> No.1162  

>>1159 They're gonna be the center of attention for sure.

>> No.1467  

Otters are the ottest. It's impossible to be otter than an otter.

>> No.1468  

That otters

>> No.1469